Anthony J Parké is a London-based artist with a Persian, English, Indian, Irish background. He came into painting via conceptual sculpture, having studied at Kingston Polytechnic into his third year before finalising his studies in Philosophy. He creates figurative landscapes which hint towards a place of disequilibrium: complex, claustrophobic scenarios populated with spectral figures which drift in and out of multidimensional environments. These figures are culled from multiple sources including reproductions, newspaper cuttings and magazines. There is a feeling of a known, familiar place which surround his figures, yet also a spacial installation which collapses in on itself. There are signs of a dinner table, a lounge, a bath, interior lighting… The everyday interior elements of a home. But it is an altered reality leading back to the unspecified existence of the figures within. There is an erasure or intentional absence of elements of the figures leading to an ambiguity between reality and abstraction. He explores this silence within; the inchoate sensations and ambiguities which reside there. These paintings carry no explicit meaning, but rather they are a series of images existing in an altered universe which references the possible existential nature of its inhabitants.