Contemporary British Painter

“Anthony J. Parké's paintings are entirely convincing representations of things that we could never in fact encounter in the same form in what we are pleased to describe as real life. They are visionary art – humbler cousins of compositions such as Salvador Dali’s famous Christ of St. John of the Cross.” 

Edward Lucie-Smith

Art Historian and Critic


In his new series of paintings, Anthony J. Parké observes a personal history, culture and identity through a magical lens of his own making. He treats painting as a transformative act of discovery, reflection and connection, often referencing his own complex background generated from a multitude of inherited cultures: English, Indian, Irish and Persian. 

In his new series called Fragments, he reflects on a world populated with references to race, culture, identity, interspersed with childhood memories and recollections. He unites elements of Eastern and Western traditions in a landscape which depicts a sense of  ‘otherness’. Here he weaves together a multitude of seemingly unrelated objects within a somewhat surreal, often disjointed world. Images like floating sewing machines, temples, teapots, antique furnishings, elephants, damask curtains, spinning tops and fighting kites, all appear throughout his works. In some sense these everyday images seem emblematic of the multiple cultures he has inherited, as well as the faded recollections of a distant childhood.


His paintings are notably populated with spectral figures, half-forgotten memories and distant dreams. These ethereal vignettes of semi-absent figures drift in and out of reality and abstraction. The partial absence of these amorphous figures propel both himself, and the audience, towards populating the void; as such, these paintings encourage the viewer to question their own relationship to the imagery.


The spiral staircase, which seems ubiquitous throughout his paintings, both past and present works, seem reminiscent of Piranesian dreamscapes. There is a fascination for journey and transformation in this imagery. The helical staircase seems to act like a metaphor for the indecipherable complexities of his mixed cultural heritage. Perhaps this imagery subtly refers to the act of unravelling the impossible, trying to decode the undecodable nature of a multi-layered existence. Importantly, the staircase additionally embraces the notion of the transcendent self… a spiritual element which references something beyond the componentary elements of a life.


2022 - Ascension, Zari Gallery, London

2022 - Manchester Art Fair

2022 - Black History Month, Zari Gallery, London, UK

2021 - Figurative Art Now, Mall Galleries,

2019 - Mall Galleries, Royal Society of Miniatures, UK

2019 - Hanbury Manor Estate, Hertfordshire, UK

2019 - Brocket Hall Estate, Welwyn Garden City, UK

2019 - The Saffron Walden Gallery,UK

2019 - Westcliffe Gallery, Norfolk, UK

2019 - Courtyard Arts, Hertfordshire, UK

2018 - The original Gallery, London

2018 - All Saints Church, (special selection) 

2018 - Stoke Newington, Islington Arts Society

2017 - Mall Galleries, Royal Society of Miniatures

2017 - Hertford Society Members Exhibition, UK

2017 - Hertford Society Open Exhibition, UK

2016 - Bell Fine Art/ Affordable Art Fair, Batterse

2016 - Catto Gallery, Stock show, London, UK                         

2016 - Bell Fine Art - Winchester, UK

2015 - Saffron Walden Gallery - Summer  Exhibition. London, UK 

2015 - Catto Gallery - Easter Exhibition London, UK 

2015 - Catto Gallery - Window of Opportunity - London, UK 

2014 - Catto Gallery - Summer Show - London, UK 

2014 - Summer Salon, IAF,  Islington, London 

2014 - Catto Gallery - Solo show - London, UK

2014 - Beaux Arts Bath, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2014 - Catto Gallery Mixed Show, Hampstead London UK

2014 - The Gallery, Stoke Newington, London UK

2013 - Cork Street Open exhibition - Shortlisted

2013 - Arthaus Gallery, Hertfordshire UK

2013 - The Arches Gallery, East London UK

2013 - Courtyard Arts, Hertfordshire,  UK 

2013 - The Gallery, Stoke Newington, London UK

2013 - East Finchley Open House, London UK

2013 - Emporium, Muswell Hill, London UK

2013 - Crocodile Gallery Space, London UK

2013 - East Finchley Festival, London UK UK 

2013 - Phoenix, London UK

2013 - Casa Pepe, London UK

2013 - The Village, London UK

2013 - Emporium, Muswell Hill, London 2nd-9th August

2013 - Collett School, Hemel Hempstead UK

2012 - Courtyard Arts Open, Herts UK

2012 - Chocolate Factory Open Studios, London


Anthony J Parké works in the field of figurative symbolism. His work is noted for its depth of meaning and detail of execution. He took his Honours Degree in Fine Art at Kingston University, shifting his final year to Philosophy. He later completed his Masters Degree in Literature, focusing on the archetypal imagery in the poetry of Algernon Charles Swinburne.

He was interviewed by Britain's eminent art historian and critic Edward Lucie-Smith, who would go on to write the foreword to his book, Into the Glass. Edward Lucie-Smith wrote of his paintings: “Anthony J. Parké's paintings... are entirely convincing representations of things that we could never in fact encounter in the same form in what we are pleased to describe as real life. They are visionary art – humbler cousins of compositions such as Salvador Dali’s famous Christ of St. John of the Cross.” 


Anthony's work is held in the private collection of Gabi Tolkowsky, the world’s most eminent diamond cutter, who cut the Centenary Diamond and the Golden Jubilee Diamond. He has received several awards, most notably from the Royal Society of Miniatures: a Connoisseur Commendation Award in 2019, and a Gold Memorial Bowl Honourable Mention in 2017.

His works are held in private collections across the UK, as well as with international collectors in Russia, the US, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong, and across Europe.


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Interviewed by Art Historian Edward Lucie-Smith


Royal Society of Miniatures, Connoisseur Commendation Award, 2019

Islington Arts Society Annual Exbition Peoples Choice Award

Royal Society of Miniatures, Gold Memorial Bowl, Honourable Mention 2017

Courtyard Arts Open, Herts, Highly Commended 2017

Hertford Socierty Open Exhibition, Peoples Choice, runner up, 2016


2012 - St Martins School of Art, Advanced Anatomical Drawing

1999 - Masters Degree – Eng. Lit.

1993-1997 - Honours Degree – Fine art/ Philosophy (Kingston Polytechnic/O.U)

1989-1991 - Fine Art Foundation Diploma,

Waltham Forest


2016 - Guest Speaker: Art Business Success Summit, London.

2013 - Collett School, Hemel Hempstead UK

2013 - Coleridge School, London UK