Anthony J. Parké is a UK based artist. He trained in fine art at Kingston Polytechnic in the early 90s, before finalising his studies in philosophy.


He has been a practicing artist for over thirty years, exhibiting with some of the most prominent art galleries in the UK. He has work held in private collections across the UK, as well as international collectors in Russia, America, Canada, Israel, and Europe.


He works in a variety of media, exploring a variety of subject matter, whilst also taking on selective portrait commissions.


His most recent paintings are profoundly underpinned by a psychological arena, stimulated by a childhood relationship with his elder brother, whose affliction was that of having visions and hearing voices.




However, this backstory, and the indelible mark this period has left on him, has provided a rich field to explore and create works peculiarly unique and connected to him.


The eminent British art historian and critic, Edward Lucie-Smith, wrote in his foreword to a book on Parké, entitled, “Into the Glass”, that: In his paintings there is an element not just of the hyperrealist, but also of the surrealist. They are visionary art - humbler cousins of compositions such as Salvador Dali’s famous Christ of St John of the Cross.


As well as running a full time art practice, he also writes critical text for the Guide Artist Magazine.